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Sleepover With Agnese

Ok today has been very very hectic, its 11pm, I have hot chocolate by my side, there is a supermoon out tonight that I want to take every opportunity to take photos of, but here I am!! 
Yesterday was a good day!! I can't really remember it but I think I left my house to cycle to Aggies around 3pm. The cycle ride was actually really nice until I came up to my college and attempted to follow a bus to Aggies house instead of waiting for her (I got lost and out of breath very quickly!) Agnese called me 5 minutes later though and she came to meet me on her bike and then we cycled back to hers.
At her house we spent very long making my previous blog post, and then realised we were quite hungry. So we went to the kitchen to find what to eat only to find nothing ;c Agnese decided she wanted porridge, but I convinced her to go to Tesco's so we could make a meal! 
We ended up making a really yummy pasta dish, it had pasta (duh) tomato and cheese sauce (I can't remember the fancy name for it) and bacon pieces. It was sooo good and really fun to cook, and cheap too!! 
After that we had a strawberry and banana smoothie, ate some brownies and put on Kill Bill. I actually hadn't seen it before and I loved it!! The frigging anime in it around half way through is insane, I wanted the whole movie to be like that x) I'm not sure why I liked it so much, I tried so hard to stay awake so maybe I was just sleep deprived but it was really good! Will defo watch Kill Bill 2! As soon as the movie finished I wiped out and slept a beautiful sleep! In the morning I was woken up by meowing, yes meowing! Agnese doesn't have cats right?! But oh mah lord I was woken by a cat.
It was some neighbours cats (the one in the pictures above also) it has 2 brothers and they go along the houses in the street meowing for food! They're so nice though :3 
In the morning we had breakfast, coco pops and coffee! And then eventually, around 12.30pm I caught a bus home. Then at around 3pm I went up to Cogan to meet Rose and try to find a camping spot becaaause... Tomorrow me and a bunch of people are going camping!! Woo!! 
So excited but so tired right now I would love a really nice sleep right now, I'm collapsing in bed after this wah! I may do a small post about it tomorrow because I took some photos today of the camping place and I like what I took so I may upload them :) But now... sleep and I WANT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THE SUPERMOON BUT ITS HIDING BEHIND CLOUDS :@ FML! I'll post soon though :D
Louise X

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