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Sunny Side Up

Yesterday was a good day. The weather was around 21 degrees so I was determined to make the most of it. I went to Welsh Bacc in the morning and carried on working through my IT work. Then at 3pm I went to the doctors and then headed to Cathays train station to meet Rose. We then went back to her house where she proceeded to get ready. At around 4.30pm we finally left her house and headed up to Josh's house, we then went to the shops bought some cider and went to Blackweir. Ara, Josie and Dylan came to meet us about half an hour later and then at around 8 or 9pm Alex, Sticky and Millie (the dog) arrived and we walked the dog around Blackweir for a bit, watched the sun set and then headed home. 
Dylan Peeing
The amount of flies over the river was vile!!
Ara Peeing
Today was Josh's birthday, we just spent it indoors watching Heroes episodes and eating chocolate cake thing... It was cool. Now I am home and I am going to die on my bed and have some amazing sleep and then spend tomorrow hoovering and revising and reading! Yay. Also I have some video clips. Idk ima just try sticking more short videos in my blog posts because it just seems more fun... These two are just of Millie again haha... 
Till my next post
Louise X

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