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The Full Moon

Waaah I can't believe I'm actually doing this blog post today! The fact that I've only slept two hours and am now forcing myself to get on and make the most out of this day is quite impressive (I would think...) 
So! The last time I did a post was Wednesday morning, so I'm going to talk about the last 3 days and also I am going to be up to today! 
Wednesday was such a beautiful day! The weather was amazing (23 degrees centigrade) I knew Rose was up in Penarth in the morning and Josie had to revise for her exam on Thursday, so I called up Agnese and she said that she was babysitting for the day but might be free later. So at around 1pm I refused to stay in my stuffy room and went out for a bit of a bike ride. I went to Waterloo Gardens first and sat down to read for a bit in the sun. I had headphones in listening to Classical FM of course (I'm listening to it right now too haha! It's the best!!) Then after a while I got a bit bored and decided to cycle to the Flower Gardens and went to sit down on a bench in there, I only stayed for a while and took some photos and then Josh called me and said he was on City Road waiting to catch a bus. So I decided to try my luck and cycle down to him before the bus arrived, and I made it!! With practically 2 minutes to spare :D That was cool and we arranged to do something on Thursday. I then got home around 3pm. The rest of the day I spent trying to get the girls out. At around 5.30pm I went over Morgans for a while and then we all headed to Shelly Gardens and the basketball court, but it was over run by little children so we didn't really get a chance to play. I went home for dinner at 7.30pm and then came back out around 8.30pm. We spent most of that evening playing Halo again till midnight and then I went home and slept. Hehe so that was Wednesday. NOW THURSDAY.
Thursday was a lot less interesting, I spent the morning getting ready and then walked to Josh's at around 1pm. We then just chilled and watched a movie - RED (it was good ^_^) We also ordered food around 6pm because oh mah lord I was so hungry :'( And then we went to sleep around midnight. 
FRIDAY. Josh woke up like 7am D: and I stayed in bed till 11am. At around 2pm we went to a cafe and had a full english breakfast, it was so good but I just could not finish it. The chips were really good though and I wanted to finish them but couldn't and oh me oh my the fried eggs were so perfect. Gah! So yah then we went back to his and I had to lie down because I was so full. At around 4pm Agnese called me and asked if I wanted to sleep down hers that night, so I said yes and that I would leave Josh's at around 7pm. Josh went out briefly around 5pm and then when he came back I left and walked home. Once home I had a shower and then had dinner (chicken and egg fried rice yum!) I called up Agnese again and we decided we would do the sleepover Saturday (TODAY WOO) because then Josie could come too. But then while I was eating my dinner Rose called me and begged me to come out to town with her and the boys tonight. At first I was like oh hell no (I was a very tired lass) but then I called up Agnese again and asked if she was up for it and she said yes! So I told Rose yes, got ready and then went over hers around 9.30pm. Around 10.30pm Agnese joined us and then around 11pm we left and walked to town. 
Town itself was actually so much fun! None of us had money so we weren't really planning on get drunk. But I didn't have a sip of alcohol the whole night and I felt great. This night has literally confirmed my feelings about going out and drinking. I had loads of fun, was in a great mood for the whole night and didn't feel like a twat. We ended up staying in town till 4am (I know I know o_O) I didn't really dance after 3am because my legs were just so tired, but instead sat down and sort of bobbed. Then me, Rose, Agnese, Morgan and Sean walked back to Morgans to sleep. I don't know how to describe it but at around 4am it was starting to get sort of light but only slightly. It was such a lush lighting I wanna be awake at 4am more now haha just so I can be out in that lighting. Also everywhere was dead quite because it was such an odd hour of the day. Anyways... Back at Morgans I was trying not to sleep but ended up drifting off a bit around 6am. I woke up at 8.30am and then forced myself to stay awake so I could leave at 9am. When 9am came me and Agnese left to go to our homes. Back at mine I had some breakfast had a shower and here I am now. I also had to call Agnese at 9.45am because I knew she would fall asleep on the bus and miss her stop, so I called her when she was 2 stops away from getting off! Yay!! Now for photos and then I'll explain how the rest of my days gunna go down :3 (Sorry about all the writing but its all photos now I promise ^_^)
Waterloo Gardens
the Flower Gardens
This guy thought I worked there and was taking photos 
I was doing a peace sign but the other finger got cropped :c

54 photos... Just Saying!! So what am I doing today... Well I am going to make me some lunch because I am starving, then I will get dressed out of my PJs, call Agnese and then cycle, yes CYCLE to hers! Should be fun!! I don't really know how I am getting through this day. I am so tired and so awake all at the same time. To be fair I am quite the trooper. The weather is quite nice today also, but its tempting to rain! Oh no!! Anyways, at Agnese's we should be having a sleepover, watching horror movies and that kind of shinanigans.. Well I'm going to fall asleep during the horror movies (because I have an excuse of being super tired and I really don't want to watch them... Scary). Right now I am really quite hungry - I think I had quite a small breakfast! Atleast I have done this post! Yay! I'm quite pleased with myself. I'm sure I'll do a post tomorrow about today! 

Till then 
Louise X

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