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Urban Outfitters Window Shopping

Shit son I need to hurry up and write this post before midnight - hate writing two posts in one day... 
Anyways!! Today I went into town with Rose around 1pm because it was Rose's payday so she wanted to go shopping. I on the other hand was pennyless so I just came along to try on clothes and weep to myself. We went Topshop first and Rose bought 3 items. Most high street stores are having 20-50% sales it was good to make the most of it while the good clothes are around. Rose ended up buying a fringe bralet, a fringe embroidery jumper and a cotton laced skirt. All discounted! 
We then went to Urban Outfitters and I actually tried on some of the items I liked the most. Pinafores and Dungarees have actually crept back into style (which I am very happy about, but I can't find the dungarees I bought a few years ago and I have a feeling I gave them to Charity :c) The first outfit I tried on was a simple ox blood crop tee and over that a polka dot pinafore. 

Second outfit I liked much more. I paired a simple patterned playsuit with a ivory cardigan. The cardigan was amazingly soft and I want it so badly! Rose bought the dress below!
Playsuit, I can't actually find on the UO website, so I'm not sure if it was the last of last seasons, or is the new season and not yet posted on the website, either way I love it and want it!
Dress, was on sale so isn't on the website anymore! 

Third outfit I tried on was probably my favourite because the style was more down my street. I just paired a graphic tee with some high waisted Levi shorts, which actually turned out to be way too big because I got size small and my waist is way too small compared to my hips. 
Shorts, were in the Urban Renewal section, which is unique to each shop. I'm pretty sure the shorts were Levi's though! 
Gee I just love the outfit though, the tee tucked in looked so good :B 

Haha I'm lame with fashion guys don't judge me, I just wanted to post the outfits I tried on it UO because its what I liked in the shop and yeah! The rest of the day I spent with Rose, we went to some lush Coffee shop which was so rustic and had amazing style and layout! My camera had died by this point so no photos were taken :c I'll defo go back though and take some photos, maybe just dedicate a post on the place it was that lovely!! After the panini in the cafe we went back to Rose's and just hanged until late, I only got back a few minutes ago to be honest and have been trying to make this post before midnight!! Rose has gone to the pub for a bit I think with the girlies, but I am so tired haha I just want to sleep. I had an induction thing for volunteering at a charity shop today!! I'm glad I'm doing it because it'll be something to fill my week in. I'm starting next Wednesday 10 - 2pm so it should be interesting! Also tomorrow is my mommy's birthday so I wanna be awake nice and early :3 I'll do a post for sure tomorrow!
Till then
Louise X

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