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Cardiff's International Food and Drink Festival

Yesterday was Cardiff's Food and Wine Festival. 
The weather was a boiling 27 degrees, with the sun shining and a lovely breeze that stopped you from becoming a ball of sweat. 
Around 2pm I got a lift into Cardiff Bay from my parents and then walked up the barrage to go meet Rose.
We had a little adventure of our own and then made our way back to the festival.
At the festival we were expecting loooads of free samples, like we were going to fill our selves off of free samples.
But nope, no free samples! We got like a stick of jam I suppose, but that was it! 
So we sat down to listen to some live music and before long we met up with everyone else.
We went to go sit in the shade for a while and then we decided to go to Bute Park to meet a few more people.
We stayed at Bute Park till the sun set and then began walking back home.
Today is Josie's 18th Birthday, so tomorrow I will be doing a humongous post of all the fun we got up to!
Seriously - its going to be huge!!

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