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rfeuiojpfrn So many things have happened and I want to make so many posts about everything because I don't want to chuck it all into one huge post!
I went out last night (which is what this post is about) but I also want to do a post about where I want this blog to go and the passing of my gerbil :c And also I'll be going out again tomorrow night and I might be getting a new gerbil too tomorrow -hehe-.
So yesterday!! I had my volunteering in the morning 10-2pm, I had to sort through bags and decide what clothes were ok to sell on and what had to be chucked out, once I chose the clothes to keep I had to find the size of the item and then use a tag gun to stick a tag to the item. Then all I had to do was put the clothes on a hanger and put it up on a rail. It was quite fun and I got to see some good items that I need to keep my eye out for! 
After volunteering I went home and found out that Rose and Jess were planning on going out in the evening, so I agreed to come aswell. By 8pm I was ready and went to go meet Rose, we then walked to meet Jess. We had pre-drinks at Elinors and then ventured into town. 
In town we first went to a pub to get some pre-drinks... Pitchers!!
She thought I was a weirdo stranger because I was staring at her through the mirror trying to figure out if it was her, turns out it was so now I'm just a weirdo! 
We then headed off to Metros and the night began from there!!!
Cocky Seagull
Our routine was drink, dance, fresh air break and then another drink... It worked out quite well!! ;)
Around 4am we left Metros and started walking back to Elinors. I've said this before but 4am is definitely my favourite time of the day. The lighting is so magical and the birds singing, its so lovely. I ended up walking to Josh's (which was close to Elinors) and I got to his around 5am. I then fell asleep around 5.30am and woke up around 10am! 
Distorted Faces...
Today I met back up with Rose and Jess around 2pm and then me and Rose went back to hers and hung out for a bit. 
Tomorrow I am going out for Aperture, I will take my camera out but I wouldn't expect too many photos purely because I'm going to be so into the music!
Also I might be changing my blog around a bit - just need to revitalize the fonts and stuff like that, tell me if you like what you see!! 
Speak soon!
Louise X

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