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New Family Member!

On Wednesday night my gerbil - Rata - passed away.
He was 4 years old which is super old for a gerbil (they usually live till 2 years).
I could kind of tell he was going to die soon because he had become super slow, found it really hard to stand up, would keep falling asleep and was quite cold :(
So I had a little moment with him and kind of said my farewells and then that night he died. 
Here is a poor photo of him, but you can see he is really small and frail!
I've had 15 gerbils in total and 1 hamster (gerbils are much less smelly by the way!)
Me and my mum do enjoy having them quite a bit, they're so energetic and curious and not to mention super cute! 
Once Rata had died we knew we would be getting another pretty soon and I also knew I wanted a black gerbil.
So today my mum went out to Pets at Home and bought the blackest gerbil she could find, and here he is!
His fur looks much lighter in the photos than it is in person!
His name is Zeref - I got the name from an Anime I watch called Fairy Tail. 
~ Zeref is considered to be the strongest, most evil Mage all throughout history, who possesses very dangerous, and very powerful Magic. He currently appears as a reclusive, self-hating youth who cannot control his powers. ~
Zeref also means Black Wizard 
Haha I know its dorky but I like the name :3 
This is the type of gerbil he is! 
I think he's a bit tired now because he's lying down after running round a bunch, bless him.

On other news, the weather is absolutely stunning in Wales right now! The whole weekend is forecast for 27 degrees centigrade! 
I'm going out tonight so I'll be sure to do a post tomorrow!
Louise X

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