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Rotten Tree

Blah blah blah. I can feel like today is going to be a meh day. It's already 12.30pm and I've done nothing all morning. Gone through my regular internet routine and had some breakfast. I'm writing this post because I went out yesterday. Nothing major, we had planned to go to the beach which to be honest I was really looking forward to, but Aggie, Josie and myself met up in town around 3pm and didn't get round to consider leaving until 4pm. At which point the girls didn't really want to go anymore. Which is fine I guess, it was kind of poo that I spent half of my weeks money on a day of sitting around in the park, but I did have a fun time and a lot of cool things happened. 
Once we had met up we went to go meet Agnese's boyfriend in the park and then they left around 4.30pm, we stayed in Bute Park and just stared at the clouds and at the magical tree we found. It was a super straight tree and if you looked at it hard enough it looked like every branch was a single tree and that you were looking from above at a jungle or something cool like that! Around 6.30pm Dylan, Doob, Twm and Rob came to Bute Park to chill with us. A bunch of cool things happened after that. I saw some huge tree fall down and me and Dylan went to investigate. Then some weird music performance act came along with loads of people following behind and they walked around the park. After a while we went into football pitch thing and just sat around for a while and then at 9.30pm we went to the rec and played on the swings hehe! I got home at 10.45pm made myself some hot chocolate and then went to bed with Crystal. 
I had some mad dreams last night though, I had 2 but I can only remember the most recent one. Everyone that I usually hang out with was there and I think we were just hanging out in like this forest area or something, but I noticed that this guy in a yellow (or sometimes it would turn grey) Lamborghini  kept driving past us, or he would park and just stare at us. And I began to get really worried and I don't remember exactly but I think towards the end he was in his car and was pointing a gun at us so we caught him and like interrogated him. I woke up at 4am after that and I could hear the birds waking up which was nice. Then at 6.30am this morning Crystal woke me up so I let her out and went back to sleep! See quite a meh day. I dunno, tomorrow I have my volunteering and should hopefully be going out after then I have nothing planned for Thursday but should be going out for the Friday! This week feels like its going to go fast. I need to stop writing now, I'm just rambling...
Seagull Feet D:
Wouldn't let me upload the video of Josie and the Bee -_- so this post is ended byeee! 
Louise X

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