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The Knap

Sorry for another delayed post! I was planning on writing this yesterday but ended up wiping out around 8pm! 
Friday we had planned to go to the beach again. 
Unfortunately we got there quite late once again and only spent a couple of hours on the beach just chilling in the sun and running to the sea. 
It was around 7.30pm when we went to catch a bus to Llandough.
But being in the state we were in, we missed where we were meant to get off and ended up in Leckwith. So we got off the bus and then proceeded in walking back. 
Eventually we realized we were completely lost and not really close to Llandough, so we caught a taxi.
In Llandough we spent the rest of the night at Kaiya's house. Just hanging out, making a fire, that kind of thing. 
And that was my Friday! 
Today it is Cardiff's International Food and Drink Festival down in Cardiff Bay, so I'm going to be going to that later today with a few people hopefully. 
I will definitely take photos!!!
And there will be loads of food samples - YAY!
Till then

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