Thursday, 11 July 2013


I've been thinking about it a lot lately. 
I know that my blog is a Lifestyle blog - I mean, all I ever post about is my life. But I do want to make it more than that. 
I want to incorporate fashion and photography majorly into my blog.
Do more fashion shoots with my friends.
Do more professional looking outfit of the day posts. 
It's hard - I guess - at  my age. 
Ideally I'd be living in a loft in France, with a cat and a bicycle, and have a job in a cafe and work on my blog as often as I could.
I've just realized I'm imagining my life to be like Kiki in Kiki's delivery service (except I have a bike instead of a broom!) 
I don't have a clue where I was meant to be going with this post! 
But I will tell you this: I am going to try and make this blog more than just a lifestyle blog! 
I'll post soon!
Louise X

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