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Damn, I doubt this post will be finished before midnight! 
Also sorry for only just doing this post - I got home 1pm today and have just been melting in my room since. 
Friday night Rose, Josie, Abbie and myself went to Clwb Ifor Bach for the Aperture night. (DnB)
We stayed at Rose's getting ready till around 10.30pm and then we walked into town.
In town we met up with Aggie briefly because she had started her new flyering job.
Once we got into Clwb it because clear that this wasn't going to be the busiest of nights. 
I was fine with it because I just wanted to listen to the music, but I think it slightly put off the girls. 
They stayed until around 1.30am and then went to go meet Agnese who had just finished her shift. 
Although I didn't want to leave everyone I also didn't want to go anywhere else, so I stayed and made sure they would keep texting me where they were heading in case I wanted to go meet them at some point.
I really enjoyed the night to be honest and ended up making friends with some girls there! 
I know its such a wild thing to do - stay in a club on your own - but if you're in the right place, you're bound to meet new people and have loads of fun! 
I spent the rest of the night with them chatting and meeting other people they came with and then around 4am once everything had finished I met back up with Rose and Aggie and we headed back to Aggie's boyfriends house for a bit of a rest. 
Me and Rose left his around 5am and then we headed separate ways half way between our destinations. 
I got to Josh's 6am (pretty much daytime) but I obviously loved it :B 
And so I spent Saturday and Sunday at his and came home today in the sweltering heat! 
27 degrees centigrade and its meant to be roughly the same temperature all week - Go UK! 
Here are two photos taken from the lovely Rose Stanton's Blog!
OMG! I might finish this post before midnight eeek!
Tomorrow I should be going to the beach (hopefully this time!!) so I'll be sure to do a post!
Till Then!

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