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I know I haven't posted at all recently. I guess nothing post-able has been happening, I have been out pretty much everyday though, just spending time with people. 
On Thursday I think it was, I went to go meet Rose and then we went to Smallmans which is just a really nice park behind City Hall. 
We found this really cool... structure? In the middle of the park, so we went and sat on the pillars there for a while.
We ended up staying out till around 12am in the park and then headed back to Morgans for a bit. 
I love how you can see stars in the sky :)
Then on Friday I went to go meet Agnese around 8pm and we had a little catch up and then we went to Bute Park to meet everyone else.
Agnese had flyering at 10pm so she left and then around 11pm everyone left Bute Park and we went to sit outside the Museum till 2am! 
Saturday was a super lazy day! We just laid in bed all day watching Storage Wars.
Sunday I went up to Cogan to meet Rose around 4pm and then we went to take Millie for a walk in Cosmeston Lake. 
Today I'm not really doing much :(
But tomorrow I should be going camping again!! :D
Same spot I'm just so excited for it :)
I'll try and post soon, sorry for the lack of posts, I've had a lot on my mind recently!

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