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Bubbs' Wake

I really couldn't know where to start with this post.
I guess the best way to start is to explain the title.
A week and a half ago Morgans dad passed away, so on the 16th August friends and family went to the Crofts Pub for the "wake".
I wasn't entirely sure what it meant by wake, but when I looked it said it meant:
"A watch or vigil held beside the body of someone who has died, sometimes accompanied by ritual observances including eating and drinking."
I guess that's a pretty accurate description of how the night went. 
There was eating, drinking, dancing and singing. 
It was truly an amazing night. 
It made me so happy to see so many people at the pub for this one person.
Gemma, Violet, Fin and Morgan played a few songs too which was frigging awesome.
The video I wanted to post is too big for me to post though and I'm bloody gutted :(
Sorry for camera wobbling aswell - I was dancing haha!

The whole night was amazing, we left the pub at 12am and went back to Morgans old house for a bit of a chill.
I ended up sleeping over the twins house in Canton, and then I left at 10am to go to work.
Yes work!!
Hehe I have a temporary job (4 weeks) at the moment.
Its a cleaning job where I clean out hotel apartments.
I really like it to be honest, I have so much time to think and I love trying to figure out the kind of person that stayed in the apartment.

Also! I had my AS results on Thursday.
I got a C ( high >_< ) in photography.
I'm really happy with that and I know next year I can boost it up to a B.
The sciences I didn't do too well in, but I think it's just made me realize that science isn't my thing.
Which is mad because my whole life I've been so certain it was.
But I guess that's what happens.
I just need to find the path that's right for me.
It's all about discovery really...
So next year - September - I'm going to be taking A2 Photography and AS English Language.
It's just something I really want to try out, and this summer has made me realize how much I love to write.
I've grown so attached and dedicated to this blog it really made me think about what I truly love doing.

Hmm I'm back to my old self I think now.
I've been really happy lately which is good aha!

I have another post to make about the skateboarding competition I went to on Sunday.
So I'll write again very soon!

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