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Camping In Bettws

I am really tired right now, and I know this post is going to take forever and a day to make but I need want to do it, so here we goooooo.
Saturday 24th August me and a few friends went up to the Valleys to camp.
Saturday morning I had work and then I spent the rest of the day packing.
Kaiya came to pick me up around 8 and then we headed into the wilderness.
I think we got to the campsite around 10 because we got pretty lost haha.
We were in the right area but we just kept going round in circles because we didn't know which was the right lane to go down.
Once we got there we set up our tents.
The place we were camping was a huge plot of land some lady owned.
There was a really large gazebo set up and inside were seats and a live set for people to play music. 
The area was so lush, there was a pond and horses in the next field and mountains in the background, it was so stunning. 
Throughout the night we watched people play, including Violet, Gemma, Morgan, Fin, which was awesome and I have a trillion videos of them that'll upload :)
The night was so fucking lush, just the whole atmosphere made me so happy.
Everything feels more fun when it happens in the middle of nowhere.
It was a clear sky as well and we didn't really take a look at it until 4am and it was so beautiful.
So many stars it was insane. 
Drunk bathroom pic... had to happen -_-
It looks like I have some mad nose D:
I can't get over how amazing the night was, just sitting down watching people get up and play music. 
And dancing of course...
I think that's literally how I spent most of the night.
It was lovely.
We went back to our tents around 4/5am and then eventually went to sleep.

In the morning we woke up around 10am to the sound of church bells ringing and dogs barking, and being incredibly overheated from the sun. 
Once everyone had woken up we got in the car and drove up to the nearest village for some breakfast.
We found a small cafe and ended up each having a Sunday Roast.
Oh my lord, it was amazing, so so so much food! 
We then grabbed some munchies from Co-op and then headed back to the campsite.
It was such a warm day whilst we were packing away the tents we brought out all the duvets/sleeping bags and pillows and just lay them out on the grass, it was boom. 
It was around 4pm when we decided to leave.
It was me, Kaiya and Fin in one car and then Gemma, Violet, Morgan and Morgans mum in another car, and we had to follow them home because we didn't really know the way haha, was fun!
Back in Cardiff we went back to the twins house, Kaiya and Fin left around 9 and I ended up staying the night.
We made dinner and played some funny game where you had to guess what you were...
We ended up going to bed around 4am to the film Inglorious Bastards and then I had a dream about German men (because of the film) shouting at me for longboarding.
In the morning I had work, but came back to the twins around 1.30pm, then it wasn't till around 7pm I got home.

Fucking helll, you have no idea how long it has taken me to try and convert the bloody video files and now it tells me I can't access them because they're more than a day old....
I am fuming.
Oh my lord.
I am sorry.
But this post has taken 4 days to make.
So I'm just going to post the videos I can :(
3 videos.
3 out of 10
How depressing...

All in all it was such an amazing trip and such a good way to end the summer.
The weathers become pretty poo now.
It's really cold at night and it gets dark around 8pm.
I've been spending most of this week with Agnese because she's moved to her new flat now so she lives super close.
I'll talk about this week more in my next post which I'll start now!

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