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City Surf Skateboarding Competition

Sunday 18th August City Surf held a skateboarding competition down Cardiff Bay.
I really wanted to go and I was meant to go with Agnese but because she had work and also had to prepare to move houses she couldn't come.
I arranged to go instead with Arman, we met up at 3pm with our longboards and then skated into the Bay. 
The bay was bloody packed which was quite annoying because it was so hard to skate round people.
But we got to the Plaza eventually and arrived just in time to watch 16+ and then after that the sponsors.
Skateboards everywhere, literally it was so awesome!
I really want to get a skateboard now even though I'll never be able to do half the stuff people were doing...
The last video is of one of the sponsor competitions.
I did take loads more but they were all too big of a file to upload :(
Thankfully my camera died halfway through this competition so the video ended before it became too big :')
Unfortunately my camera died towards the end - haha. So no more photos.
Josie came to meet us in the bay around 5.30pm and then we stayed till 6pm and headed back into town.
We stayed in Bute Park for a while and watched the moon which was really nice - It was almost full.
Then Rose met up with us and Arman left and we went to go meet everyone in Smallmans for a few hours.

It was a really good day in all and I'm really glad I managed to go to the Plaza.
Yesterday I had work till 3pm and then around 6pm I went to go meet Morgan and Doob in Bute for a little chill.
Ohhh and then I went home and had indian food it was delicious!

Today I might be going to Square's birthday bash in Full Moon.
Square's a clothing company btw.
If I don't though I am definitely going to an event in Urban Outfitters tomorrow so I'll be posting soon enough! 
Till then

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