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Hyper Dogs and Niall's 18th

Oh my lord I don't even know how I am blogging right now.
Last night was a bloody brilliantly amazing night.
I got very drunk again, I'm not sure how - I had no money - bare amazing people like.... 
But here I am and along come a delightful array of brilliantly brilliant photos.
I had quite a delightful sleep yesterday and then around 2pm I went to go meet Rose in Cogan for a little dog walk.
We went back into Cardiff and chilled at Rose's for a bit.
We called up Josie and asked her what she was going to be up to because we wanted to see her and she told us that everyone was going out for Niall's birthday.
I went home to get ready and then came back to Rose's, where Josie met us.
We got ready had pre-drinkies and then went to go meet up with tha boys in some pub.
We headed into town around 10.30pm.
Went to Live Lounge for a bit and bumped into a few people and then we headed into Glam.
Yes I know... We went Glam.
It was free and I spent most of the night either at the bar or in the smoking area.
We met everyone else in Glam anyways and then the night took it's course.
The birthday boy
It was such an amazing night!
Literally, I had such a good chat to so many people, it was so nice and got up to so much fun haha!
We left Glam around 3.45am... I think and went to Macdonalds for a while. 
Then around 4.30am me, Doob, Jemma, Sean and Rob caught a taxi back to Doobs to kip because it was too late for me to go home.
I didn't end up sleeping though haha, we watched Spring Breakers which is a weird fucking film - I did not understand at all what was going on.... We also watched Se7en which is a fucking amazing film!! Like oh my god so ridiculously good, its one of those films you need to watch again to proper pick up on everything - It's like that with Fight Club too, eeek! I borrowed the book off Doob! I'm so excited to read it, literally I won't be able to put it down. 

So here I am, I came home around midday today and I've just been sitting on the laptop listening to Cage the Elephant and a bit of Gorillaz.
My hangover has pretty much gone now, I don't think I really had one I just felt a bit rough catching a bus home. 
Peng sky from Sunday :)
I'm excited for the rest of the week though. 
It's been a really good few days so yaaay!
Speak soon

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