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Me Time

I'm back!!
Aha I feel like I need to apologise for the lack of posts recently.
A lots been happening recently and I felt like I just needed a little break to spend time with my friends just chilling and keeping on the down low. 
The last week or so I've literally just been sitting around with people, watching movies and listening to music, it has been nice.
Its come to the point where I have an accumulation of photos from various days out, so I thought I might as well chuck it all together in one post :) 
 A day at Bute Park.
A gloomy day on Penarth Pier
Flowers outside City Hall
Oh look I put a dreadlock in my hair, well Agnese put one in my hair :)
Urban Outfitters window shopping with Rose!

I am glad to tell you that I do have posts coming up.
Tomorrow I'm going to West Wales, as I do every year. 
I'll be back Saturday 10th so I'll do a post as soon as I can after that.
But Saturday 10th is also Rose's 18th Birthday and I'm going out that night for that, so I'll be doing another post for that :)

I am sorry for not posting much, there was just nothing post worthy going on.
My next post will be 10th August! 
So till then!
Louise X

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