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Philip Morgan Exhibition @ Urban Outfitters Cardiff

Yes I am blogging at 12.30 at night.
No I don't know why I am, I'm just not particularly tired and I wanna do this post now!
Today has been a pretty chill day.
I had work 10-2 and then went home, had lunch and played some halo till 4pm.
At 4 I went over Rose's and we began to get ready for an event taking place in Urban Outfitters.
It was an exhibition of Philip Morgans work and it was pretty dope!
The event itself was cool, there was music playing and free Kopparberg which was excellent! 
Agnese has a grapefruit in her mouth haha
Wah I want an orange beanie D:
We stayed there till around 8pm and then made a plan of what to do next.
We ended up going to Morgans house up in Canton for a while which was really nice.
His garden is so nice!
Beautiful Skippy
I really like the rain in this video...
Morgan's ferret Ruby.
She was so cuuuuute!!!
And here I am now.
An hour later than when I started this post and pretty ready to sleep!
Not sure if I'm doing anything the next couple of days.
Saturday-Sunday I should be going camping up in the Valleys, which will be pretty freaking awesome!
So I'll be sure to post soon!

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