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Rob's First Gig

Yesterday was Rob's first gig!
It was in the Village Inn in Pentwyn.
Me and Aggie spent the day chilling over mine playing guitar and piano.
I also took down my bed frame so now I only have a mattress on my floor, I love it! Its so comfy!
Au natural 
Mid-cheek kiss
Around 7pm Agnese went home to drop off her guitar and pick up her longboard.
Then we headed to Pentwyn.
The ride took about an hour long but it was pretty nice!
We got there around 9.30pm just in time!
After the gig we went into town for a while.
Aggie and Morgan didn't have their ID though so we just sat outside Live Lounge for a while and chatted.
Around 1am me and Aggie long boarded home and I ended up sleeping down Aggies and then going home at 6.30am.
Today I feel like I've had quite a productive day.
Work in the morning and then I went to go collect my bike from the bike shop - its fixed now YAY!
Then at home I read a bit and had a nap and now I've just been blogging.

Tomorrow the twins, Morgan and Finn have a gig in the evening, so I'll be there and obviously taking photos!
Also tomorrow I am FINALLY buying the Diana Mini Lomo Camera.
I am so excited!!!!
I'll definitely post soon.

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