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Rose's 18th Birthday

Weeee! Hello everyone :)
Saturday as you should know was Rose's 18th Birthday! 
In the morning I was still in West Wales and only got home 3pm.
As soon as I got home I called Rose up to let her know I was going to start getting ready.
I went over hers around 6.30pm and then we got ready a bit more and waited for some of the girls to arrive for pre-drinks.
We stayed at Rose's till around 10.30pm and then headed into town to meet up with some more people.
We first went to Live Lounge for around half an hour because it was poo, then we went to Full Moon for a little bit where we got bombarded by rain, but I think people wanted to go somewhere else so somehow it got decided that we would go Revs.
Yes we went Revs.
It was ok, I was way too drunk to even care where we went to be honest.
We must of waited in the queue for around half an hour, maybe more, maybe less... Josie and Dylan came to meet us at that point and then we went in and danced!
I literally cannot remember any of the songs that were playing, I just remember dancing, going toilets, dancing, finding the smoking area, sitting in the smoking area, dancing... 
It was a really fun night, I had so much fun! 
We left town around 2am I think and went to go sit outside the castle for a while and just talk.
Eventually me and a few other people walked back to Roath and then I slept over Rose's.
In the morning I woke up when Rose's sisters came downstairs and then with them I made some breakfast and then watched some TV till Rose came down.
We spent the rest of the day making funny videos on her new Macbook and had some delicious food and ate cake! 
I left around 3pm, got ready at home and then went to Bute Park with a few other people till around midnight!

This week is hopefully going to be a busy one, which is good because lately I've been feeling like I have to keep myself busy.
I can't really describe how I'm feeling, I just know I'm not 100% myself and it fucking sucks.
I want to be back to being super chatty and bubbly, but I don't know what I need to do to get there.
So I'm just going to keep myself happy and with good company and I can't really ask for more.
Haha! I'll try to post soon.
Much Love

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