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Fuck Bunker

Awww, the last post of the month... Lame, I've done hardly any posts this month - October I'll try and make more!! 
So on Friday I went into town with some friends. I had a really nice time and it was nice to go out since I hadn't been out in a while. We started off the night at Rose's house having pre-drinks and then walked into town to Bunker. 
We stayed in Bunker for a while, but it was pretty poo so we headed to Live Lounge (I can't remember why...) Live Lounge was poo too, so we went to Full Moon which was AMAAAAZIING. :3 Haha! We went to the downstairs area first and danced for a bit and then we went to go see if we could get into the upstairs, which had the WOMP night on! Surprisingly enough it was free to go upstairs so everyone headed up, and it was PACKED, like the busiest I have ever seen it EVER. It was mental, me and Rose were like, oh. my. god. and got super excited because we had never seen it that packed - and we've seen it empty haha. So we got right to the front of the stage and high fived the DJ lmao. Then we just danced the night away. I had so much fun!! I was probably dancing like a fool but who gives a fuck! At one point me and Rose were dancing on the stage lmao, it was crazy :3 
Agnese being a smooshed duck
I'm not sure why we were standing on the toilet, but we were...
Then I think it got a bit too sweaty and it was coming up to closing time, so we went outside to get some fresh air. I ended up hoola-hooping which was so much fun haha, even though I could only get it going fast once :( Then we sat around which was nice, I got extreme hiccups though and then some people came over and tried to have a conversation and I literally couldn't get a word in edgeways, oh my god, edge is the weirdest word ever... 

Eventually we went back to Rose's around 4am, and then I proceeded to play on her mac book taking photos, whilst drunk - it's literally hours of entertainment. Then I went to go sleep on the sofa, but I didn't really sleep and then I went home at 10am.

On Saturday then, I ended up going to FfotoGallery in Penarth with one of my mums friends. We went to see an exhibition by Indre Sepytyte and it was really good! I really enjoyed it and managed to pick up loads of leaflets and magazines. Also it got me proper excited to get into my photography project more.

Then in the evening, Kaiya came to pick me up with Ruba and we went to the Wetherspoons in the Bay and sat around and talked for a while. That was really nice! I ended up getting home around 11pm, and literally as soon as I got into my room I just died on my bed and had THE BEST SLEEP EVER. I woke up this morning feeling so fresh and revitalized, I really hope I get to do something today because the weather is pretty sweet! 
Rose trying vigorously to get into my wardrobe... 
I am not sure what I'm going to be getting up to next week, hopefully I'll do something in the week and then on Saturday it's Doob's birthday so we'll be going town for that and I'll take my camera :) Also I've bought my Bedlam ticket for the 18th October so yaaay! 


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