Monday, 2 September 2013

Gig + Gathering

As I mentioned in my last post this Saturday was Fin, Gemma, Violet, their dad and Morgans gig! 
Saturday morning I had a lie in because I had a day off work then slowly got ready.
I went into town to meet Aggie and then went and did some shopping because I got paid on Friday!
And yes I finally bought the lomography camera!
I then went home and began getting ready for the gig, and then walked up to Canton about 6.30pm.
The gig was so good!! They only played 5 songs but I loved it.
Afterwards we went back to the twins house for a bit of a gathering.
We played the guess what you are game again and just sat around and chilled.
It was great!
But I accidentally broke my phone :( So now I have no contacts and I'm using the oldest phone ever.
We ended up going to bed around 4am and then in the morning I went to work for 11am.
I came back to the twins house and we just spent the rest of the day chilling.
And then I eventually went home around 7pm.

Today I have a cold :(
I'm ill god dammit and it sucks.
I wanna go out and take photos with my camera!
The Diana Mini Evelyn :D 
Also my other film camera that I've just recently found!
I've got film in both so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before I get the photos developed!
Also it's Twm's birthday on Wednesday so that'll probably when my next post will be! 
Till then

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