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Light Leaks

Finally I'm doing another blog post. Its been way too long since my last :( And the annoying thing is I have had things to post about I just didn't take my camera out for them...
I'm back to college now, so I've been so much busier trying to juggle college and work and friends and time at home. College is good, I'm already enjoying photography loads, but I'll get to that later!

Since my last post I went to town twice. On the Friday I went to town for Haiyen's leaving thing, because she's going to Uni, and we all ended up getting super drunk and then I slept on Rose's sofa for the night. 
On Saturday me and Rose spent the day recovering and taking naps and then began getting ready all over again for Levi's 19th Birthday. We headed into town around 10pm and me and Rose went to Live Lounge for a bit, but it was shit, SHIT. I hate Live Lounge with all my life, its always jam-packed to the point where you can't move anywhere and everyone's dancing practically on you! So we left and then went to Full Moon where we met some more people. Rose ended up going back to Live Lounge with some friends because we weren't really sure where everyone was, and me and Josie went to go find people. We eventually did and then headed back to Full Moon and had a really good time. I didn't get as drunk as I wanted to, haha, but I was feeling so shit from the night before I couldn't face the taste of alcohol. I ended up going back to Dylans with Josie and then sleeping on his sofa with his kitten which was soo cute. 
From Sunday to today I've pretty much been spending everyday with Rose! Monday we met up with people and went to Smallmans for a chill till around midnight. Then Tuesday me, Rose, Josie and Aggie went to Waterloo park with blankets and jumpers and sat down and watched the stars, and then at one point we made a little den where we were under the blanket and it was so warm and fun haha, Rose took loads of photos on her phone so hopefully I'll post them soon :) It was such an amazing night though, and then I got home at 11pm and had some amazing sleep. 

As you know I now have a Diana Mini Evelyn, I love it so much!! But as luck would strike, the first project we're doing in my Photography classes is Lomography!! I was ecstatic, we watched a documentary about Lomography and how it started up, I'll get the link now.... It's an hour long but definitely worth the watch if you have the time! So last lesson we were given the (mini) project of doing a Photo Day Diary, and because not everyone had Lomo cameras our teacher said they could use there phones to take photos. But I was so happy because I actually have a Lomo camera, weeeee! So yesterday I used a whole reel of film to represent my day! I'll obviously post the photos once I've got them back from being developed. 
But for now I already have my first film developed. Unfortunately I did the stupid thing of opening the rear door before rewinding the film once it was finished. I was so annoyed at myself because I thought all the photos would be ruined. Thankfully I managed to get around 16/24 of the photos, so not all of them were ruined. A lot of the photos do have light leaks on them, which I don't mind, its kind of funny I mucked up my first film :) So here are some of the photos I took:
My favourite :3
Learning maths
Monday - Twm being thrown around in a blanket haha
The magical treeeeeeee
I like this one for some reason...
Blurry me before Twms
I like this one purely because its so fucked up, the frame like thing by my face is the pressure plate from inside my camera coming out on the film from when I opened the back, kind of cool.
So bold and quirky *gosh*
Blurry because I probably had the wrong depth of field setting + bulb setting on (I'm such a noob)
Rose playing on my keyboard
All the photos are now on my Lomo wall which is really starting to come along:
Once that parts finished, if you can see the wall in the top left of the photo, I still have the whole of that wall that I'm going to cover (and it's a pretty big wall!) 
Pretty sky this morning!
I'm so excited to collect my second film!! :D 
So yes you may have noticed I've gone back to this way of writing, and I apologise for the quantity in this post.
I realized the other way of writing was so informal and bland and that's just not me, I love rubbing my personality all over my posts and I hope it shows through >_< 

So this is the end of this post. I should hopefully be doing another one either later today or tomorrow, it depends on what I do for the rest of today.
Also it's my brothers 14th Birthday today so happy birthday to him :B



  1. love the blurry effect of your photography

    -Hailey cheyenne

    1. Thanks!! I do like the blurry effect with these photos too, even though it was by complete accident :D


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