Thursday, 12 September 2013

Photo Day Diary

Urh the whole of today I've just had the hugest headache ever :( I don't know why I think it was the way I slept.
So in yesterdays post I told you that I had done a Photo Diary for photography and that the photos were getting developed. Weeell, I have them developed now!! Yay! I was kind of upset though :( Because all the photos I had taken indoors didn't come out - because there wasn't enough light. So I only ended up getting 10/24 photos. The ones that did get developed I love! I'm just annoyed that so many didn't come through... Once again I've learnt my lesson! The photos are a recording of Tuesday 10th, and here they are:
Toes peeking through the duvet - 7am
I like how dark this photo is because it represents well the morning hazy feel.
Me cycling to work - 9.30am
Arriving at work - 10am
After my shift I went over Rose's to chill, we made some lunch - toast in the toaster :D - 2pm
Popping back home after collecting the first set of developed photos. Rose's younger twin sisters were rollerblading on the street. - 4pm
Sticking photos on my Lomo wall + Waiting for Agnese at home - 5pm 
Agnese arrives! Heading back to Rose's - 6pm
All em smokers out the back! 8pm
In waterloo gardens, under the blanket!! - 10pm
Back at home and ready for bed - 11pm
Weeeee!! It was such a lush day! Rose also uploaded some more photos of when we were out in Waterloo Gardens (Check her blog out, she's super arty!!
Here are some of her photos:
Today I had work in the morning and then photography in the afternoon. I also went popped to the charity shop to ask if I could change my shift. I know have it Monday 1pm - 4pm, which should be easier. Wah I don't think I've realize how busy my weeks are. Tomorrow I have English Language 9am - 12pm and then I'll pop home for some lunch and then be at work before 1pm. Then I need to buy some photography supplies and then go home and get ready, because in the evening Violet invited everyone over her mums house for a bit of a gathering, so yaaay! I'm so excited because it's just the environment I need to take my Diana Mini out and go wild with the flash :3 Yupee! Now I need to hoover my room and then sleep because my face is just aching haha! 

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  1. Did the Lomo camera save film photography?:


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