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Tuesday 24th September 2013

Today's going to be a bit of a random post I think. 

It's Tuesday, Tuesday's my day off college, which is nice. I get the best lie in ever and then have breakfast and have the longest shower possible. Have a late lunch and then work on photography. 

I haven't been doing much lately which is really lame. I guess it's fair because everyone's busy starting uni or going back to college or working or something. It's just a really weird transition, from having a care-free summer to actually getting back to routine. 

I don't go out on my longboard as much, or cycle as  much and its frigging lame! I guess the reason I'm not cycling as much is because I've stopped working, but I'm looking for a new part time job so hopefully I'll be able to cycle about again. The college campus I'm in at the moment is 5 minutes away from where I live, so I can't really cycle there and back aha! 

I'm really not ready for Autumn and Winter. I hate having to wrap up warm and wear a trillion layers, and I don't think I can accept the fact that its going to be freezing whenever I go out late at night. I guess I don't really mind the rain though, it's kind of nice to walk through and the sound is always so calming. 

Sunday was a nice day. Rose came over my house around 2pm and we just sat around and talked. Had dinner around 7pm and then Kaiya popped round and we drove to Cardiff Bay. It was so warm out, usually the Bay is so windy and cold but there was barely any breeze. It was so nice to walk around and have a really decent catch up. 
It was so cloudy, it made the water look almost milky. The Bay is such a nice place, I don't think people realize because it's always empty but it is a really pretty area. 

What else have I taken photos of recently...
Such a stunning sunset :O
The current state of my Lomo wall! 
I got really frustrated the other day and decided to draw even though I clearly can't. Ignore the gay writing on the side I always feel the need to write something like that -_- 
 Writing up a draft of my photography work:
 Another gloomy day in Cardiff:
My Photography book so far:
I'm not sure when I'm going to post next. There are quite a few things happening in the upcoming weeks but I can't promise anything post wise. You know I'll try keep this blog up to date, so until then! 

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