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Twinies Have A House Party

Oh my god, this is literally one of those posts that I don't know how to start, because 1 It is going to take me a hell of a long time to do this post and 2 I just really don't know how to start it. 
I'll tell you one thing - there are a heck load of photos in this post!!!

Soooooo! Friday Gemma and Violet (the twins) invited me - and everyone else - over their mums house for a gathering/house party/not really house party. In the morning I had English Language and then once that finished I went to work. I got home around 4pm and then started getting ready. Around 7pm I met up with Rose and got some booze and then we went back to mine and waited for Aggie. Then we left and got there around 9.30pm. 

The night was fucking AMAZING!! Everyone was so drunk and on the same level of drunkenness it was great. I had my DSLR out AND my Diana Mini out too, I ended up going through 2 films (I don't know how I managed to take out one film and put in the other whilst being drunk, but I did it!!) and I have 1 of those films developed today to show you, and the other I'll be picking up and posting tomorrow! 
We played drinking games and sang to music channels and to people playing guitar. It was loosh. And here are the photos!!
The night was amazing. Me, Rose, Gemma and Milly went to the shops around 1.30am to buy more alcohol and ended up in Full Moon briefly (me and Rose really needed to pee.) We came back and then continued drinking and having fun!

Then everyone eventually started leaving around 3am. I was already in bed by this point and it wasn't until morning I really clocked that people had left haha! I woke up around 8am and then me and Milly went into the back garden for a while because there were loads of cats out there and because I was still slightly drunk I thought it would be great to take loads of photos of them....
I got bit :(
The garden was so lush aswell. Me and Milly must of sat outside for atleast an hour before other people started waking up. We ended up going upstairs and spending the morning in the twins room. 
Around midday (I'm guessing) me and Violet headed to the shops to buy some food. Then we came back and made some breakfast - eggs, toast, tomatoes and spagetti hoops. It was amazing. Then later in the day Milly and Beth left and me, Violet, Gemma, Doob, Sean and Morgan spent the rest of the day in the front room watching TV. We made some dinner later in the day - Chips and chicken nuggets. We ended up staying awake till around 4am, Doob and Sean left at 3.30am and then we all eventually fell asleep on the sofas.
The next day we spent the day sitting around and talking and watching TV, it was so chill. We cooked ribs and sweetcorn for lunch and then the twins and me went for a walk back to their dads house around 4pm which was nice, except it was tipping down (raining), but I didn't really mind getting wet. I then eventually went home around 7pm.
The weekend was so lush! I'm so gutted  my camera ran out of battery after the photos above, because I would of taken photos all weekend :(  

Because this post literally has taken me 2 days to write, and I haven't even uploaded films yet, I already have all the photos from my Diana Mini developed. But I'm going to put them on in a separate post, because there's quite a lot of them :) For now, I'm going to end this post on a few of the videos from Friday night!
You go St Davids??!
Shit video, but the talking is funny :')
Drunk group singing is the best!!

A post about the Diana Mini photos is being made as I type this, so till then!!

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