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Twm's 19th Birthday

I hate how I've started to write.
I feel my posts have become a lot less personal and it's annoying me.
Today I had a really good day.
I love having a really productive day all on my own.
I'll talk about my day after I tell you all about Twm's birthday!!
Wednesday was my first day in college.
I had Welsh Bacc in the morning and then English Language straight after.
I finished at 1pm and just went home.
Rose came over mine around 6pm and we just hanged out for a bit and got ready.
We went to Twm's around 8.15pm and there was already loads of people there.
Twm's house is so nice!! 
We spent the night in the garden, which was huge, there was a seating area towards the back and then loads of grass to just sit down on.
Ima post photos now cos theres loads and I don't have much else to say.
Aw what's wrong with me :(
Don't know how to explain this photo :O
The night was really good to be honest.
There was so many people there it was such a nice environment.
I got really drunk aha
Not sure if it was a good or bad thing...
I hope Twm had a good birthday anyways!!

Everyone started leaving around 1/2am I think.
Me, Rose and Aggie left together and then I went home and went to bed.

In the mooorning, it was quite hard to get up.
I had to do everything in stages haha, and take a little break in between just to battle through the hangover.
I left home around 9.30am and cycled to work.
The cycle was amazing, it really woke me up and I was fine for the rest of the day.
At work we had to clean two ridiculously dirty rooms, in the 2 hours I was there we were still on the first apartment!
I left at 12pm to head to college for photography.
I stopped off in town for some lunch and then bumped into Sumayya so we walked to college together.
Photography was really chilling, I loved it.
Our teacher showed us A2 books from last year, so we got to see Agnese's work books hehe!
Then I just cycled home and here I am now.
So yeah today was a good day! I like feeling like I have a lot to do...
I am going to end this now...

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