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So I did say on Friday I had my Diana Mini out. I got the photos developed yesterday and I LOVE THEM. So much!! There freaking awesome. I love the fact that the next day I didn't have a clue what the photos were going to be of. Especially the black and white film - I can't remember any of the photos being taken, but they're awesome!! So without saying any more, here they are:
2 Rooms in 1 - managed to double expose the front room and living room perfectly!!
White girl wasted
Love this so much, so many people in one photo!! 
Just some random, not related, photos from the colour film :)
I really like my keys now that I have my bike key on there haha, I'm so lame:(
Beautiful Skippy
YAAAY!! Let me know what you think of them, or don't I don't mind. I have to say though, I am so in love with my Diana. Just Lomography in general. Fucking hell, I want so many Lomo Cameras now.... I might get a fisheye next ;) But for now I'll let you know what I'm doing the rest of the week. Saturday I should - hopefully - be going OAKWOOD a rollercoaster park in Wales. I also have a spare colour film for my Diana, so lets put two and two together and realize that *yaaay* I'm going to have loads of awesome colourful rollercoaster photos!! But yeah hopefully I should be going Oakwood, and also I've finally found out when the next Bedlam is... 18th October, exactly a month today. I'm currently listening to this mix to excite myself: He's playing on the night. So I am definitely going to Bedlam :D

But for now, I have photography tomorrow which I am of course excited for because I love photography, and I have bought my new book and caught up to date on the pages I was meant to do. So yay! I am happy and I hope everyone else is happy! :) 

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