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A Medley of Photos

Hey! I'm sorry I've been so lazy with blogging lately, I do have two posts to make (this being one of them), this one is also the easiest to do hehe. I got my XP2 film developed the other day. I used it for photography because next Monday I am going to be developing photos in the dark room. I already got all the photos developed for my wall though haha! So here are the photos and I guess I'll say where they're from etc...
Book shop!
Canaries gah!!
Fruit stall in Cardiff Market - would of probably looked better in colour!
Walking Skippy with Josie and Aggie
New graffiti by my house - Defo doing a post on it all soon btw!!!
Rose, Ruba and a light leak :3
Getting ready for Bedlam
Walking Skippy with Josie
Telephone Box
Skippy waiting for me to open the door!
I should be doing a post soon, because I went to Penarth Pier with Josie on Wednesday and took a bunch of photos, but it's just when I can be bothered to get round to it. Hopefully Monday!! Till then! 

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