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Clothes For Sale!!

Hey guys, just a short and sweet post for you all today. Yesterday I helped my friend Rose (check out her blog!) do a mini photoshoot with some of the clothes she is planning to sell. I am going to show you guys some of the photos, then give you all the links to where you can get the clothes :)
  1. White Fur Jacket
  2. Topshop Floral Fringed Top
  3. Floral Buttoned Shirt
  4. Polka Dot Black/White Blazer
  5. Leopard Print Top 
  6. Zebra Print Cardigan
  7. Multi-Coloured Glitter Skater Skirt
  8. Lilac Strapless Denim Dress
All the items are going for super cheap and are in very good condition! 
If ANYONE is interested in buying you can follow through the links or contact Rose directly via her email:!

Thats all I have to post for today :) Not up to much any time soon, until Saturday so expect a post Sunday! :D
Oooh! 400th post guys!! ^_^ Milestone? Haha 

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