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So this post is gunna be, I guess an update on my life/week. It's safe to say I have been pretty busy, and even though I've taken my camera out a bit there's was nothing post worthy. To be fair, that's a lie, there is always something post worthy, but it honestly depends on how I'm feeling and what I'm getting up to in the day. I'm in a bit of weird mood today, and if I'm totally honest I'm not in the 100% mind frame to do this blog post. But I have photos to upload and I hate not posting in a while!
Bright colours make me happy
What I feel like doing is to just tell you what I've been doing since Thursday and then chuck in all the photos that have been  taking since! Ok yay. So on Thursday I told you I went to Cardiff Market with some people from my photography class.
My 3 camera
Friday the twins had another gathering over the mama's house. It was so much fun!! Everyone was on a really nice level of drunk it was so nice and fun! I ended up staying the night, and then left around 10am to go home to get ready for my first shift at McDonalds!! I've now had 3 and I'm really enjoying it, using the tills are really fun and when its not too hectic its really nice making the food and serving it and taking the money etc. 
Sunday I went over Josie's house after work and everyone was already there so we just hanged for a bit, then I cycled home and picked up Monopoly and we played Monopoly at Josie's till around 1am. Dylan went bankrupt first but then joined sides with Josie and beat me and Aggie :( It was really fun though!! 
My ancient Monopoly board game
Monday... Hmm I think... Well I had photography in the morning and then volunteering in the afternoon and then I met up with Josie around 5pm and we went to go pick up a film camera so she could do some filming, so we did a bit in town, then I went home for dinner and longboarded back to hers and we just chilled with everyone until 11pm. I bought a top in my charity shop, I love it, its so funny haha, its more of a dress on me though...
Tuesday I met up with Josie and Aggie at around 1pm and we went to take Skippy for a walk in Waterloo Gardens.
After walking the dog I said goodbye to the girls and went to work till 9pm. Then just came home and did some English work.
Today I had my full day in college which was long, but English was quite good because we were writing out are transcripts and I'm doing 3 minutes from an episode of The Ricky Gervais Show which is fun. 
I'm not sure if I'm doing anything tonight, but tomorrow I should be meeting up with Ella and then on Friday in BEDDDLAAAAAAM. Weeeee!! 
I need to find out tomorrow if there's a flash for my Diana Mini in college otherwise I can't take pictures :( 

I'm thinking of possibly doing a post about Cardiff Graffiti soon, because recently 3/4 new artworks have started being done literally 2-10 minutes from where I live. So I recon it would be pretty cool taking some snaps of the really good stuff around Cardiff and making a post on it all. Maybe even use a film on my Diana! If anyone knows any good pieces anywhere I'd love to know!! 
Also Aggie lent me this book, which is full of really cute and interesting Polaroids, I haven't looked at the book in that much detail, but some of the images really make me want to get out and start running through 2/3 films weekly! 
Ok well I'll try post soon

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  1. these photos are amazing :D i love those polaroids

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter


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