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Doob's 19th Birthday Snaps + More

So this Saturday was Doob's 19th Birthday, it was so much fun!! 
But I didn't take any photos on my DSLR :( I'm sorry I wish I had, but I've come to realize, that my Nikon is so big and chunky sometimes I feel like its so much effort to take it out, and then once I do people feel the need to pose, which is amazing and all, but if people don't want their photos taken they tend to hide and the images don't really summarize the actual environment. I don't know I guess I'm going through a faze where I love being able to take out my film camera and just capture the scene in one photo and then put it away again, sometimes without people even realizing I've taken a photo!! 
Sorry I went a bit off topic haha. 
At Doob's birthday I did however manage to take some photos on my Diana Mini and I got them developed today!! 
The night was so good, we ended up in Full Moon and it was just so amazing because everyone was there!! We ended up staying in town till 5am!! Such a crazy night haha! 

The next day I spent with Rose and then I headed home. 
Monday, me and Aggie met up and then went over Josie's house for a bit which was nice, we just chilled and listened to Cage the Elephants new album mmmm! 
Tuesday was my day off, so I met up with Ruba around 5pm and we had a good catch up outside the castle and then arranged to go over the twins. So I headed home to have my dinner and then cycled to Canton and had a really nice chill sesh with Gemma, Violet, Beth, Ruba and Kaiya. 
Wednesday I did nothing haha! It was my super long day in college so I kind of zoned out once I got back home.
Todays been a really good day! Around 11am I met up with Josie and we went to walk my dog for an hour or so, I took out my Diana Mini so hopefully I'll have some cute photos developed soon! Then in the afternoon I had my photography lesson and we were allowed to go out and take photos. Which was frigging awesome because I had my 3 cameras on me!! (2 film 1 DSLR) We went to Cardiff Market to take some photos and then headed back to lesson for 3pm. I didn't even use up both the films so I'll probably go out tomorrow to finish them off. Plus!! I have another colour film now, which I should use for Bedlam, if I can get the college flash back in time. 
I feel like that's all the updating I can do, so I'll leave you with the rest of the developed photos I have that weren't from Doob's birthday. 
Cute wall by my house
Heading into town
Cutie Milly
Walk home from college!
I'll try and post soon! 

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  1. nice! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!



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