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Happy October!!

This might be the earliest I have ever started a blog post! Its 07.50am and I've just arrived back from doing a photoshoot, well it was more of a tester photoshoot but I'll get to that later! 

Yay! It's October! I'm excited for October, a lot has been planned, it better live up to my expectations now haha! 

Yesterday I got the chance to finally have a good catch up with Agnese. After a busy day of college and volunteering we met up around 5pm and went to the park. 
Taking plenty of photos on Aggie's new phone!
We then popped to tesco and bought some cookies and cappuccino and headed back to mine. At mine we had dinner and then added more photos to my Lomo Wall, and just had a bit of a chill really. It was greaat! 
Dammit get fuller!
My face of pure happiness
Yay! So today (this morning) I woke up around 6am and slowly got ready (and then rushed because I realized it was getting light quick) for a small photoshoot on City Road. Basically I wanted to capture the street looking really empty, but still kind of light. I stayed out for about 45 minutes until it got too busy to really take photos. I'm not sure how I feel about the photos yet, I think I'll need to edit them a bit in class time first! 

For the rest of the day I think I'm going to do a mini photoshoot with Rose, so that should be fun! 
Changed the threading of my dread to blue :)
Before I go make sure to check out Agnese's blog because she uploaded some photos from yesterday:

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