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Today I Was A China Doll

The idea of sleep is so appealing right now, but so is the idea of having done 3 posts in 3 days!! We'll see how far I get with this post haha! 
Today has been incredibly productive and I'm super happy about that! 
This morning started off being a lazy day, because I don't have any lessons in the morning, I was just browsing the world wide web when Agnese messaged me asking if I'd be up for doing a photoshoot before my afternoon lesson. I said of course and headed over hers for 11.30am.
Rainy Day
Me being a chair
LMFAO, I get all possessed when holding the bunny
Aggie starves me and then tempts me with pictures of food :( 
Our little cuties
We spent the next 2 hours shooting and then had some lunch and headed in for my lesson at 2pm. It was ok that I was a bit late because that lesson was set as a shooting lesson (meaning you don't have to turn up), we stayed editing photos till around 4.30pm.
We then headed to Josie's new house - she's moved out into a shared house for Uni and it's super close to my house (15 minutes walk) yay!! We stayed there for a while, until Josie had to leave for work, so we went back to Agnese's for a while, chilled and ate some soup. 
Leaves are falling :( Autumn is coming
We then left to go back to mine around 7.30pm for dinner. Then we just chilled in my room until 9pm Aggie left. HOLY SHMOLLIES, can you understand why I am so tired? I now think I'm coming over with a cold, because my throat feels all flemmy and crap :( 
Look at my cute mug!! =^_^=
The photos above from the photoshoot are the less serious ones but you can all check Agnese's blog and/or Facebook Page for the edited photos - she's such an amazing photography make sure you give the page a like!! 

I am officially a very tired person and I am literally going to jump in bed RIGHT NOW.
Tomorrow I have college and then a Welcome Meeting to my new job at McDonalds! Yay!! I'm so chuffed I got a new (part-time) job so quickly, I'm really looking forward to start working again and cycling to work ^_^ 
Hope everyone had a lovely day! I'll do a post very soon!

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  1. it looks like you guys had a lot of fun with your photoshoot!


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