Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nighttime Adventures

Heellooooo, I'm in a good mood today because I got my photos developed and I know what to work on in my photography book. I love it when I get film developed because I have such a routine when I get back home. 
  • Scan them in
  • Upload to facebook
  • Do blog post
  • Stick on wall
Yup yup! Also the sunset today is stunning as usual so I keep running back and forth from my window :3 I really need to set up my tripod or something and just film it, they're so stunning! Ok so here are the photos I got developed today:
Bonfire night :)
My cat looks so happy!
Pretty sky
Aggie traffic light girl
Playing in the play park 
Happy accident - she forgot to wind the film on!
Also I took some photos today on my DSLR and thought I might as well upload those too :)
Todays sunset :)
Ok so now I need to stick these photos up on my wall! Haha I'll post soon lovelies.

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