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Reem's Halloween Party

This Halloween has been amazing! 
Friday around 2.30pm I met up with Agnese and we took a coach up to Bristol, off the coach we met Reem and headed back to her house. Around 9pm everyone else from Cardiff arrived and soon the party began.
It was amazing!! I really just need to post some photos now to show you how awesome the party was! 
So much amazing graffiti in Bristol!!
The Full Moon in Bristol, looks amazing!!
The house party ended around 5am and only a few people stuck around.
Me, Aggie, Dylan and Aron ended up not sleeping and just chilling in the kitchen till around 12pm. 
It was so much fun, we got up to so much it was crazy.
At one point we decided to go climb onto the roof, which was amazing. The view was stunning!!
Everyone woke up around 11am, and then me and Aggie headed off to catch the coach back to Cardiff around 12.30pm. 
We chilled down her house for a bit until 7pm I headed home and went to bed around 9pm. 

The party was amazing! The people living there put so much effort into it and it was wicked, plus there was loads of free Red Bull because someone managed to get the party sponsored by Redbull. Around 100+ people turned up it was insane!! 
I really want to go back up to Bristol soon, it's such a wicked place I properly want to explore the city haha! 

I used up a reel of film in Bristol also, so hopefully there should be some good photos on that! I'm getting the film developed Thursday so expect a post soon!

Today is Bonfire Night! I was meant to be going to a Bonfire night Barbecue but I think it got cancelled because of the poo weather :( I still wanna try and get up to something though and get some cool snaps of fireworks haha!


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