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Winter Breeze

I forcing myself to do this blog post today even though I am super tired. Today it was so cold out, I really don't know how I'm going to get used to this weather! It was my day off so I made sure I went out and took some photos for my photography project. I'm sure you'll see the images soon but I wanted to double expose crowded areas over empty areas, I dunno if exactly that was achieved. I'll have to see when I develop the photos. In the mean time I did take some photos non-project related of the Autumn colours, and also all the Christmas decorations and stalls have been set up in town! 
the sky before I headed back out again
This stall smelt insaane!! I need to go back and buy one of the citrus hangers!
The size of the moon when I was heading home, so biggg!!! 
Yes I know I have an obsession with sunsets, but heres a few that I've captured in the last few days.
This week feels like its going to be a slow week, I haven't really got much planned. I'll try and post soon never the less - I might be getting some film developed on Thursday! 


  1. Your have an amazing photographic eye. The way you shoot urban landscapes and natural landscapes is really impressive. A true photographer captures the atmosphere of a place, and you really do that. :) - Tea For Two


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