Tuesday, 30 April 2013

School Night Sleepover

The weather is beautiful today!! So sunny - still only 11 degrees centigrade, but at least there's no wind. I feel like talking about my week so far, just because this week feels like it is going to be a good week and the last two days have been really good so far! Yesterday I had Tutor in the morning. I had to give a presentation to my form, I was originally going to do it on Studio Ghibli but I had left my memory stick in my pencil case which is currently with Agnese. So seeing as I had with me my photography book, my camera and my recent prints I did a talk on my project. It was so much easier than I expected, I was hardly nervous at all and I managed to talk for 25 minutes. I don't really care if what I said wasn't interesting or whatever, I got a pass and thats all that matters! It also means that by next Monday I will have finished my Welsh Bacc hopefully, which makes me very happy. So then lunch time I went to Wetherspoons with a friend in my form and had some garlic bread - I like it now!! - and chips. Then I went to photography. Photography itself was amazing, I had such a eureka moment and I think I know what I'm doing for my final images now! The only slight concern I have is being able to fill up my book by NEXT THURSDAY. I've printed out all that I can for my book right now, I'm just going to stick in everything and write up loads this week and edit my final shoot on Thursday and choose my final images and send them off to be printed. HOLY CRAP so much to do! Anyways, once my lesson finished I waited around for a while for Agnese but she called me saying she wasn't coming in for her lesson. So I just chilled with Kaiya for a while and then went into town and bought some film for the Lomo camera.... This little cutie:
Theeeen I met Agnese and Josie in town around 5pm. We popped into Pound Land and bought some.... SLEEPOVER SNACKS! Yeaah we had a sleepover! We bought 6 packets of super noodles, a large bag of quavers and some hot chocolate. Then we went back to mine so I could pack my bags for the sleepover. During me packing my bag.... the spider returned :'( I'm not even joking this is the biggest fucking spider that I've ever seen. It had already been in my room in the morning, but had hidden somewhere so I tried to forget about it. But it was back so I screamed and ran and my eyes watered. It was hidious I wish I took a photo but it was on the move. Agnese stepped up and hit it with my shoe, but it was hiding behind a sheet of paper so we couldn't see if it was dead. I took the shoe off her and whacked it again and again. Then Agnese got a ruler and lifted up the sheet to see if it was squashed. But then it fell and we screamed and we looked to see if it was dead AND IT WASN'T it was still wriggling so I grabbed my shoe and properly shmooshed it into my desk and that was that. I swear I don't know what I would of done if Agnese and Josie weren't there, it was the most traumatic experience in my life. 
So then we eventually left and caught a bus up to Aggies. At Aggies we ate.... A LOT and just sat around and listened to music for a bit. Then we went out around 10pm to a big park by her house and sat down and stared at the sky. It was so beautiful I am so glad it was a clear night. The amount of stars we could see was amazing, but its crazy to think there were so many more that we couldn't see because of the damn city lights. After a while we headed back, ate some more and then went up to bed. In bed we watched a movie called Showgirls. The movie was very long and I fell asleep towards the end and apparently I missed a weird rape scene! The movie was very weird lmao... Loads of nakedness and yeah that was it! So then I slept...
In morning I woke up around 7am and got ready nice a quickly, the girls woke up too and we had some coffee and jam on toast! Then at around 8.30am I left and caught a bus to college and I was on time!! Awesome! Todays lesson was alright. I had a Biology revision lesson but it wasn't that useful and I ended up zoning out for half of it and I realized how much I hate exam questions. The answers are set out to confuse you, they're not clear about what they want you to talk about and they're ridiculously strict with marking. I mean... even if you know everything you could still do shit! What is the point of that? I don't know... I just can't wait for next year where I'm basically only going to be doing coursework, should hopefully be much easier. But the lesson was over soon enough and I ran home and ate... Some ice cream because my dad hasn't gone shopping in ages and I just want my momma to come home from holiday now :c 
So yay! A good start to the week! Hopefully tomorrow being a full day of science won't completely make me want to kill myself... We'll see! I'll do a post soon though! Louise X

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Charlie's 18th and Walkies

Where on earth do I begin with this blog post! I guess the best place to start is Friday morning...

My mums gone on holiday this week to South America, so Friday morning I had to take the dog for a walk. I got ready surprisingly quickly and took the dog out around 10.30am. The weather was really nice and I spent the good part of an hour sitting down on a bench while my dog sniffed around and found some dogs to play with. It was such a nice morning and all the blossoms have finally come out so I thought what better of an opportunity than to bring my camera and take some photos! 
We got home around 11.30am and then I got my college stuff ready and headed up to Trowbridge for Chemistry. My lesson wasn't that bad, but the fact I have to travel all the way up to Trowbridge on a Friday afternoon doesn't exactly make me enthusiastic. That lesson was over soon enough and Agnese called me to say she was on the same bus I need to catch to get home. So I managed to get on the same bus as her and we headed into town.

In town I needed to frantically rummage through the Topshop sales to find something to wear later that day. I had been invited to Charlies birthday and what I had worn to college was way too casual. So after 15 minutes we managed to find a black crop top and some high waisted denim shorts which were kind of tie dyed at the bottom... You'll seee! So then we jumped on a bus and headed to Josie's house to get ready. After doing all our makeup and clothes, taking some photos and me eating some Super Noodles (because my stomach was sooo empty) we finally got a lift of her mum to Charlies house.
Rosie the dog in the photos is soooo cute!! Anyways at Charlies house we went straight upstairs because her little sister was having a house party downstairs, so we were practically banned! Upstairs everyone was just chilling and smoking it was such a cool atmosphere. At one point there were atleast 15 of us in one room! We stayed at Charlies till around 10.30pm, then we caught a taxi and headed into town. 
In town, we went to Live Lounge first. It was ridiculously busy! I don't even know why it was so busy there wasn't even live music for the half of it. But it was fun to dance around even though everyone continuously kept losing one another! I managed to bump into Alice - my best friend in primary school, that was pretty cute! (The photo is 10th down below) After sitting around outside for a while me, Josie, Agnese and Arman decided to go check out what was happening in Full Moon, because we had seen Twm and Dylan earlier that day and they said they were heading there. 
At Full Moon it was WOMP night again which is all like Jungle, Drum and Bass and Reggae it was fucking amazing! So we danced for ages and met up with Dylan. Then out of the blue Rob turns up with Charlie and everyone else. Which was awesome because they were pretty convinced on not coming. By the time they arrived the mix had ended so we headed downstairs and just danced there for a while. At around 3am I told Agnese, Dylan and Josie to come outside because I was going to catch a taxi to Josh's. 
We were heading to where all the taxis are when we came across an empty building. It was literally the weirdest thing ever like when in movies some rooms on appear once, it was like that! No one else had noticed it!! Inside it was pitch black we could only see by using the light from Dylan's phone and my camera flash! There was an upstairs and a basement to the building and we explored it all it was amazing! Not scary at all, apart from when I heard some loud noises when we were upstairs but that was just because a pigeon had got stuck in the room and was fluttering about but it still made me scream! Bare in mind all these photos were taking in complete and utter darkness! We could see absolutely NOTHING without light!
Once exploring the building we finally headed outside and I went to catch a taxi. At Josh's I pretty much fell asleep instantly.

In the morning I woke up around 11am and just played on Josh's phone till 2pm when he woke up. We then spent the rest of the day watching Community and Heroes till about 7pm when I headed home. Once home I made some dinner for Peter and then at around 9.30pm I popped over Rose's for a bit to have a nice lil catch up. Then I headed home around midnight and crashed once again in bed. FIN! 
But theres more!! I got some photos developed from the Lomo camera I was borrowing from college, so here they are!
I think I have definitely delivered with this post! Hope you enjoyed it and hopefully I'll be posting very soon. I might be sleeping over Agnese's with Josie Monday evening so you can bet on my camera being there! 
Till Then
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