Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Baking Cookies With Josie!!

I know I haven't posted in the past few days, and to be honest since my last post I haven't been out or met up with people at all! So on Monday me and Josie planned to make cookies at Josie's house! I'd been looking online that day to find simple recipes for cookies and I really just wanted to cook with someone because it's so much fun!! When Tuesday finally came around I spent my morning in the library and then at 12.30pm I went and caught a bus to Josie's house. From around 2pm to 7.30pm we proceeded in BAKING COOKIES!!! Click Here For Cookie Recipe!!
The recipe we used was so quick and simple, we got more than 12 cookies out of 1 batch (around 18 I think). The only thing we changed was how long to put them in the oven. We put them in for 10 minutes but then kept them in for another 8 minutes because they were too gooey!! Overall we made around 30 cookies in 2 batches. The first batch we used Galaxy Chocolate and broke up the chunks. The second batch we used Smarties and the leftover of the Galaxy. Here are some pictures:
I'm not sure what else I'll be doing this week! Hopefully I'll have another post before June!! The weathers meant to be getting better towards the weekend and I think me and the girls might be going up to Cosmeston Lake Friday afternoon, which would be loads of fun!! So I'll do a post on that I'm sure!!
Till Then
Louise X

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Blue Skies

What to do when you travel all the way to college to finish off your Welsh Bacc, but then you can't find your teacher after spending half an hour wandering through a college that you don't know your way around. So yeah, my teacher gave me a classroom to go to. I went there and there was some other random class there instead. So now, because he can't organize for shit, my welsh bacc has gone down the drain and I'll be doing the same shitty thing next year even though I was the only one in my form to actually turn up to every lesson and try to finish the work. Yay me! 
After giving up finding my teacher I headed back to the city center. Not really sure what to do, not really up for going home and explaining to my mum I couldn't do my welsh bacc, I wandered round town for a while trying to figure out how to get hold of people. I tried to top up my phone - not enough money. Get a new library card so I could use the library internet - I owed money on my old card and my account was blocked. Use a payphone to get hold of someone - Josie didn't answer (she was in a media thingy) Agnese's phone was off and Rose didn't answer but I left a message which then got her to call me on my mobile. Thank god! At this point I had been in town for roughly an hour and a half and was at breaking point. She asked me if I wanted to come down to Penarth for a bit, so I said yes and jumped on a bus to Cogan. 
We went for a chat in the park for a bit and then went back to Alex's where we played with Millie - Alex's really hyperactive Border Collie, had a smoke and then me and Rose headed back into Cardiff to meet up with everyone. So here are some photos of my day! :)
Hehe, ima upload some videos of Millie too cos she is just so cute.

Ok guuys, so tomorrow I'm going out in the evening with everybody! ^_^ Yay! So I'll do a blog post like Saturday or something, right now I am very hungry so ima go eat... 
Louise X

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

ADKT Video

So a while ago (around March) I mentioned vaguely - - I was filming a photoshoot that Agnese was doing for some fashion students. The girl who made everything happen posted up a video (including my clips!) of her project. So it would be totally awesome for you guys to check it out. The filming I did only goes up to 1.33 but still... Watch watch!! 

Random post I know, I just thought it would be cool to put the video up since I did mention it in my blog and then never really brought it up again...! 
I had my first exam today... eek! Sad... The paper was horrible, I don't know why I even turned up for it to be honest! I'm going up to Trowbridge tomorrow to try and finish off ALL my IT work! So I defo need a good nights sleep and a stress free morning, because by the end of tomorrow I know I'll have such a huge headache. 
I've been drinking over 1 Litre of water a day this week! I don't know how much of a difference it will make, apart from me always needing to pee! I'm really trying to be more healthy and make sure I eat three meals a day - which usually gets really hard to do on the weekend because I end up going out. I also need to get a job, so I'll have money to join a gym and then during summer I want to start cycling again (maybe even uni-cycling hehe) and also swimming. I just want to get super healthy! Woop woop! Haha! This has been a really chatty post, I don't even have any photos for you guys. But what the heck! Hope you enjoyed the video - credit goes out to Nia Hardwicke for making it all happen and letting me and Agnese be a part of it all!
Speak soon
Louise X

Monday, 20 May 2013

Diane's Vintage Boutique

Sale time! Yesterday Rose's mum had a humongous sale of all her clothes. All sizes, all trends. The sale started at 5pm and ended 9pm and here are just a few photos from the evening!
Me and Rose spent most of the time talking to people who were trying on clothes. We also visited the Milgi's clothes sale to see if anyone would be interested in checking out our sale. One of the ladies who was buying clothes brought her son who was 4 months old, so we were spending a bunch of time with him, and towards the end Josie came along to check out the sale and also picked up a few things.
I picked up 4 things myself:
Crop Top
Burberry Backpack

Overall I would say the day was quite a success, even though there are still plenty of clothes left over. Diane should be setting up another sale in the near future, so if your in the Cardiff area around the time I would definitely recommend you check it out - there is literally something for everyone! 
Till my next post
Louise X 
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