Monday, 28 October 2013

Penarth Pier with Josie

I just realized that I don't understand why I haven't done this post yet, I've been holding it off so much and all I have to do is write a bit and upload some photos. Jeez. 
I guess its fair to say I have been having a massive creativity block.
I really don't know why and to be honest it's pissing me off. 
I love taking photos, but I love taking photos of everyday life. I like picking out the little things that make my day and capturing it in an image, and saving that image, and then showing people that image...
Maybe not everyone gets that, and that's fine, at the end of the day I write in this blog for me, so that I'll be able to look back at all these memories some day and be happy that I captured all those moments. 

This isn't really the direction I wanted this post to go in, aha! 
Last... Wednesday I went Penarth Pier with Josie to help her with her film project. It was a really pretty day and we stuck around till the sunset in order to get some really nice shots - and that we did!
Here are a few other photos that I've taken throughout the last week...
Mmmm Potato and Leak soup
Photography shinanigans 
Wide-eyed Aggie
 Laptop club/sleepover with Rose :3
 Pretty peng sky
So I'm glad I finally got round to doing this post. I have really let myself down, not doing that many posts this month, to be fair I'm probably going to have to get used to only doing around 10 because I do have a lot going on right now, and I am really busy. 
I promise you, and myself I will try to post at least twice a week!! 
For now I don't really have that much coming up this week - apart from Halloween of course!! But those posts will come at the start of November! Hopefully I'll have another film reel to show you before then, and then I'll let you know all about the Halloween plans etc.
Till then!

Friday, 25 October 2013

A Medley of Photos

Hey! I'm sorry I've been so lazy with blogging lately, I do have two posts to make (this being one of them), this one is also the easiest to do hehe. I got my XP2 film developed the other day. I used it for photography because next Monday I am going to be developing photos in the dark room. I already got all the photos developed for my wall though haha! So here are the photos and I guess I'll say where they're from etc...
Book shop!
Canaries gah!!
Fruit stall in Cardiff Market - would of probably looked better in colour!
Walking Skippy with Josie and Aggie
New graffiti by my house - Defo doing a post on it all soon btw!!!
Rose, Ruba and a light leak :3
Getting ready for Bedlam
Walking Skippy with Josie
Telephone Box
Skippy waiting for me to open the door!
I should be doing a post soon, because I went to Penarth Pier with Josie on Wednesday and took a bunch of photos, but it's just when I can be bothered to get round to it. Hopefully Monday!! Till then! 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Afternoon With Aggie

Where do I begin!! Yesterday as I have been telling you in the last 2/3 posts was Bedlam. It was amazing. Like oh my god so amazing!! The music was amazing, the crowd was amazing, the whole night was sick. The only down side was that.... Yep, I didn't bring my film camera :( I was going to but then when I was putting in the new reel of film it wouldn't wind forward after I took a photo, so I thought maybe I put the reel in wrong, so I rewinded the film back into the case, only too realize I had rewinded it too far in and couldn't put the film back into the camera!! Basically I had lost a reel of film, I was so sad that I couldn't take photos that night because I was looking forward to it so much. Thankfully I managed to get the film back out today at the camera shop so I can still use it! 
Bedlam ended around 4am and then I chilled with people for a bit and got home around 5.30am. Slept a beautiful sleep and got up around 3pm. Was amazing!! Then around 4.30pm Agnese gave me a call asking if I wanted to meet up with her. I said yes of course and we met by the Mackintosh around 5pm!!
We then met up with one of Aggie's friends for a bit and then went to get some film that Aggie had went to go get developed earlier today. We then went to Milgi's got some hot chocolate and smoothies and looked through the photos. 
We then went to the back streets and went looking for cool graffiti.
Tired lapin

We stayed at Milgi's till around 7.45pm and then headed to mine so I could have dinner. At mine Rose popped round for a little catch up and then left around 8.30 and then Aggie left at 9.30! 
Full Moon
I will try do some posts this week, because it bums me out not posting frequently!! I'm getting paid Friday so hopefully I should be getting a bunch of photos developed :D I think me and Aggie are going to Ffotogallery on Saturday or Sunday, so I'll make sure I have a post coming up! 
Here are a few more photos from other days :)
The only photo from last night! Taken from the beautiful Rose's instagram!
A wall of clouds, the passing of a storm, thought it looked pretty badass
Starbucks with Ella and Summaya on Thursday!
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