Friday, 13 December 2013

London Trip - The Photographers' Gallery

Blogging in bed because my English lesson was cancelled.
Wednesday I had to be outside my college at 6.45am to catch a coach.
There's always an annual photography trip up to London.
This year we went to The Photographer's Gallery and then got time to wander around London.
I actually really liked the exhibition we went to see - Jacques Henri Lartique: Bibi
It was about this photographer who took photos throughout his whole life, of his life and you could just read so much into it.
We had a tour so the tour guide told us all about his life and how its reflected in the images and it was so interesting.
Made me more inspired, yay!

After the tour everyone separated off.
We found some food and then spent until 4pm window shopping.
London's ridiculous, all the shops are like 2 shops wide and 4 floors up. I don't understand why they need to be so big.
The one thing I really like about London is how tall the buildings are, you don't get that in Cardiff.
I don't know why, but I really like this photo
We left back for Cardiff around 4.30pm but only got home 10pm.
So long, the traffic was ridiculous.
I did really enjoy the trip tho!

I feel like the next few weeks are gunna be super busy.
I'm going out tomorrow, so ima try take photos.
Next week theres something happening on Thursday.
And then the week after that is Christmas and I think I'm going out the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
And then its New Years woo!!

I'll try post soon!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Innovation Cardiff + Calyx and Teebee

So I got the film developed today didn't I.
On the way to pick it up I realized I didn't use all the 36 frames :(
Only like 24 because I'm so used to using 24 frame film.
So yup, I got 18 photos out of the reel in total, which I don't mind because the photos are cool :3 
Just wished I took my DSLR, I need to start taking it about with me everywhere!
Here are some of the snaps from Innovation on the 29th November
2nd Room
Didn't take as many when I was in Aperture, only remembered to get it out like half way through haha
but here are the photos from Calyx and Teebee at Aperture on the 6th December
Got nothing planned now for a while.
Need to start saving up for festivals and going up to Bristol and all that.
And also Christmas aha, oups.
I'll try post soon

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Head in the Clouds

Mhm haven't done a post in so long, just haven't been bothered :(
I realized I have some pictures from a film reel that I didn't upload, photos before Innovation.
I'm getting my Innovation/Aperture film developed tomorrow which I am so excited for, really hope they all came out.
Aperture was this Friday, Calyx and Teebee.
Was absolutely amazing, I really wish I had brought my DSLR because there were so many moments I wanted to capture!! 
I don't have a lot to say, I should be doing another post tomorrow with more photos from the Diana Mini.
Peace out gooiyzz 
Innovation night
Me and Ruba on Friday ^_^

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