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2014 - NYE & NYD

I know, I know. I haven't posted in ages... But it's 2014! A new year and I am so freaking excited for it! 
New Years Eve and New Years Day were absolutely amazing. Everything went to plan and I had such a great time. 
New Years Eve officially began for me in Josie's house for pre-drinks. We then headed to Koko Gorillaz for Aperture and Friends. It was so rammed out it was ridiculous!! I decided not to take any photos with my digital camera only my Diana Mini. Those photos I'll upload once I get the film developed - which will hopefully be tomorrow! Kokoz was amazing! I danced so much and pretty much all my friends were there, it was amazing celebrating New Years with people I knew. 
New Years Day me and a few other people drove up to Bristol for Shapes: NYD in Motion. It started around 6pm which is super early, but actually worked pretty well! The line-up was amazing and the whole night was just so good!! I'll upload some videos, but unfortunately they're all pretty short and I was too busy dancing half the night to record really good tunes! Towards the end was amazing, such an awesome party atmosphere, everyone was just going for it and dancing and the tunes were so so good. It was meant to end around 2am, but we ended up staying till atleast 20 past. Eventually we left and headed back to Reem's house. Reem's house was so much fun, we just chilled, listened to music and played pool. I even managed to get about 5 hours sleep, but had to wake up around 2pm to leave back to Cardiff.
The last few days have been amazing, and I'm so glad a spent New Years the way I did! 
Now for some photos that I took from Motion!!
Joe + Will
Hello random people
Nick the rice picker
Probably going to end this post now, it's 1.30am and I would love some sleep! Might add a few photos + videos to the post tomorrow, but otherwise I'll try post very soon!! 

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