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Cardiff Fashion Quarters - Student Social

Last night there was an event going on in CFQ from 7pm - 12am. Myself and a few of the girls decided to go check it out because there were meant to be really good sales going on. We got there around 9pm and instantly began rummaging through the rails. 
 The amount of jumpers they had for sale were so tempting... I already have enough jumpers haha!
Haha Reem's face makes me laugh!! This stall was absolutely amazing though! Things were on sale for £4 with 25% off on top! I bought a funky jacket from here :)
I'd never been inside CFQ before and was pleasantly surprised! It was so much bigger than I expected and had so many stalls, there was really something for everyone! I only bought one thing in the end, but there was a hot dog stall out the front so I just had to treat myself to one before the night was over! 
 It was so good!! The smell was so beautiful aswell haha!
Took some snaps of the jacket I bought, funky right? It's reversible as well so if I'm not feeling the bold patterns I can turn it inside out and only have the collar peaking through. Sweet! 
Glad I managed to get another post done before February! I'm trying to get myself to bring out my DSLR more so that I can do more 'day specific' posts instead of just a mismatch of days from my Diana Mini.
I'm going out to Buffalo tonight to see Midland which should be bumping! Also Josie is having a party at hers on Saturday so I'll definitely be doing another post sometime this weekend! 
Lots of Love

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