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Double Exposures

Got my developed film back today!! I'm pretty darn happy with it to be fair, managed to get 32 photos out of 36, which is so good! The film had loads on it; a photoshoot I did, when I was in London, NYE + NYD, over Horne's house... So yay! The only annoying thing with the film is that it was 400ISO, meaning its best used in dark lighting or with a flash. So some of the photos from the photoshoot came out a bit too light because I took them on a sunny day. But that's ok I can fiddle round with them in photoshop! :)
Now for the photos:
Need to try and darken this one on photoshop!
My favourite though!!
Love this one!
Before Kaleidoscopic in Buffalo!
Harvey passed out at Horne's 
Oh roy....

NYE!! Koko Gorillaz 
Me, Ruba and Josie
Dancing and balancing cups simultaneously is a great skill!
Aggie the hardcore skanker 
At Reem's house, Bristol
Took a random photo in my brothers room to finish the film aha 
Yay! I'm so happy with the photos to be fair! They're already up on my wall haha! 
Christmas break is over now :( and I'm back to college Wednesday. I should be going to Cosmeston Lake at some point on Wednesday though to do another photoshoot before my photography lesson on Thursday... Also!! I bought my Mutiny ticket for the 18th January. It's in Motion again and it's going to be 4 warehouses full of DnB. Oh me oh my! So excited!!
I'll try post sometime this week! I need to get back into posting regularly I know! 

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  1. These photos are so cool!! I love them!

    I am a new follower! Could you check out my blog and if you like it like my Facebook page?

    Hope xx


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