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I got film developed!! Haha! I'm actually really happy with the outcome even though the format was a complete accident. I changed my Diana Mini to the Half-Frame format instead of Full-Frame without realizing, so for half of the film reel I didn't know it was on the half-frame setting. Thankfully the photos came out quite well and I actually like quite a lot of them! A happy accident reel once again! 
The first lot of images I took in Cosmeston Lake for photography:
Skippy waiting patiently on the left ^_^
Photos from when I went to the Electricity Plant:
Taking Skippy for a walk, the blue sky made me so happy!!
A cute little Blue Tit was singing so I decided to snap it 
Sunday 12th, me and Rose modeled for Agnese:
Coffee afterwards was boom!!
Random snaps:
Love the red glow in the left image!
Really like the colour contrasts between these two! The right one is the icy patterns on my window
One photo of a rainbow is never enough!
An icy morning - Rubbed a love heart onto my frosty roof
A workshop and some cool graffiti literally right outside my house!
Chilling over Aggie's house:
Aggie greeting me outside her door! Love the left image!
Absolutely love these two images, and they go so well as a diptych!
And finally, on our way to Motion for Mutiny:
I'm glad I got round to try the Half-Frame format to be fair! I think I'll definitely experiment with it again, especially now I have a part of my wall to put the images:
They fit so perfectly!!
I am hopefully going to do another photoshoot with my Diana Mini somewhere tomorrow, haven't decided yet! If I finish the film I'll try get it developed on Thursday or Friday and do another blog post before February!! 

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  1. These are really awesome! I love the half frame look.

    - Paige


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