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A Trip To Barry Island

Hello lovelies!! This week so far I've been in a pretty amazing mood. I've been so productive and results are finally showing through! Where on earth do I begin?!
Yesterday I had a day off from college and work so I had planned to go to Barry Island beach to take photos. The weather forecast predicted it to be cloudy and I was alright with that - so long as it wasn't raining. I got much better than expected, with excellent blue sky all day. I was so happy!! Myself and Agnese headed up there with Skippy the whippet at 1.30pm and only got home around 6pm! I brought my DSLR and also my Diana Mini for my photography project - I used up a whole reel so I'll be doing a post with all them tomorrow! 
Here are just a few of the photos I took with my DSLR:
Quite a colourful lolly!
 Credited: Agnese
 Credited: Agnese
 Credited: Agnese
 Credited: Agnese
 Such a nice day! I'm so glad I made the most of it...
I'm being silly and getting into my old habits of using the webcam for photos again!
Sneak-peak of the developed photos!
But enough of that, I have news to bring!!
7th March to 10th March, myself and Tom are going to AMSTERDAM!!
I'm so freaking excited, I went back in... 2009 I think and it was so beautiful.
I love the canals and the buildings and the windfarms... and how everyone rides bikes.
It's such a beautiful city and I'm so happy to be going back there.
I'm going to take so many photos on both my digital and film cameras haha!
Hopefully the date will come quick enough :D 
But for now be expecting a post tomorrow!

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