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All Jumbled Up

Got film developed!!
The photos came out pretty interesting haha, but I like them!! 
A lot of interesting multiple exposures came through.
Skippy in my room and a lamppost surrounded by a tree.
Really like the cross over in this exposure!
The next few photos are ones I took in Bute Park with Agnese. I really liked a lot of the photos from the shoot, especially the one below!
I captured some ducks flying away!
Around my room!
The right image is really creepy aha - I think its an eye...
Last Thursday me and Tom took Skippy for a walk, it was such a beautiful day and I managed to finish off my film! 
Here are some photos I took on my DSLR.
The weather in the UK has been so crazy lately its so nice when there's an opportunity to get out and enjoy some sun! How was everyones Valentine's Day? Mine was lovely, I even went out in the evening to AM Club because a friend was DJing, it was so much fun although I was ridiculously tired and had a 9 hour shift the next day! 
I'm not too sure what I'm getting up to this week. I might try and go Barry Island tomorrow as I have a day off and the weather doesn't look to bad. 
I'll try post soon!

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