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A Secret Paradise

I am so unbelievably in love with the photos that I got developed yesterday. They're amazing! The day was so beautiful - as you saw in my previous post - the photos came out so crisp and colourful. I feel so much more inspired with photography (even though I have no idea where to go for my next shoot and sunshine is a rarity). These were all taken on Tuesday at Barry Island beach :)
Can you believe this is Barry Island?!
Where should I go next?!

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  1. These are wonderful. I love the way they've been developed - the slight warped-ness of them just makes them even more beautiful. I particularly like the one just before the last that's completely burnt out on the left hand side.
    These are truly inspiring. And they make me feel so summery! Even though it's only February...And raining every five minutes. :P

    Helloooo from a new follower :) I'll be visiting your lovely blog regularly! :)


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