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Bye Bye Winter?

This Friday it was such a lovely day!! The sun was shining and it almost felt a bit more like Spring and a bit less like Winter! After my English lesson in the morning I headed round Aggie's and then from there we walked to Bute Park so I could take some photos using my Diana Mini. Unfortunately by the time we got to Bute Park all the blue sky was replaced by grey clouds, but we still managed to make the most of it and take some good snaps (hopefully).
The majority of the photos below were taken my Agnese using my camera :)
 Tulips have already started poking through - Spring is here!!!
 A floating tree :D
 Haha an action shot of a squirrel!
 You can tell I haven't yet got the hang of posing nicely for photos....
 After our stroll round Bute Park we retreated from the cold for some food at Maccy D's. Josie also came to meet us which was lovely!!
 We look so suspicious haha 
 This weekend has been lovely!! Saturday night I went out for a Deep Inside night in Undertone, and then on Sunday I had a sweet chilling day. Even got round to making some cookies!!
 GIANT COOKIES!!! They tasted so freaking good! Haha
7am this morning!! The sun is rising earlier!! Yaaaay!! 

I am planning on getting film developed very soon! So I'll sure I'll be doing another post later this week.
Till then

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