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Josie's House Party

This weekend was a good weekend! On Friday I went to Buffalo Bar to see Midland. It was such a good night I was dancing non-stop for about 3 hours!! I'm so glad I went out! I was so tired once I finished work at 8.15pm but I'm glad I got myself to get ready and go because it felt so good being out and dancing. I got home and in bed by around 4am and then woke up and got to work for 8.15am - Brutal I know!! Once I finished work I got ready and headed to Josie's around 9pm. 
And from there the night began...
Fairy lights!!
 The colours behind Violet are so cool!! 
I'm sorry I know I took an appalling amount of photos (not enough!!), part of the reason was because my gorgeous friend Aggie Cherry had her new camera out which is just so much more fun to play around with!! 
Check her blog out by clicking the image below!!
The night was a lot of fun though! I left some point in the early morning and spent my Sunday evening with Tom because he was back from Italy.
Some pretty mornings :)
This week is going to be a good week I feel...
I'm doing a location shoot tomorrow for photography, DJ Hype is playing at Vaults on Friday which I'm hopefully going to, and then on Saturday there's a Deep Inside night going on in Undertone! 
I'll post soon

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